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. they came out last night for the ravens/browns game up in baltimore. no more lingerie league rejects out on the field. how about it. okay. that and a whole lot more here on today's "full court press." but first the latest, today's current news update from lisa ferguson in los angeles. good morning. >> hey bill, good morning everyone. mitt romney is all over the map again today with a rally in pennsylvania and then a fund-raiser in massachusetts. his campaign has another $5 million after last night's fund-raiser in d.c. where romney explained his five steps to take america back. the first of which is to produce more oil and natural gas. >> romney: we have the capacity if we can take advantage of it and we build that pipeline from canada that we will do if i have to do it myself. >> other steps include promoting trade and putting students first and cutting government spending and making it easier for small business. romney made a push for veterans in virginia. all although not all of his claims are true. he tried attac
. >> bill: exactly. the story this morning about massachusetts -- scott brown seems to think the number one issue up there is painting elizabeth warren as native american. of course, she helped maybe create that issue, but is this the issue that is going to help him win? >> i think this is the beginning of a long campaign that he is going to run. the fact fors on the ground all argue in warren's favor. there are going to be -- >> bill: democratic registration -- >> exactly 7 or 8,000 new voters who didn't vote for scott brown back in the special election in 2010, because they just didn't come out to vote. now he has to do something to undermine her credibility. at the moment the polls are showing elizabeth warren on a pretty strong rise. so scott brown has to do something to change this race. and i think elizabeth warren demonstrated it is an issue of concern for her. she herself went up with a response ad hours after scott brown did, which tells me they believe that is something of concern. >> bill: yeah. and she had addressed it before, but she can't take any c
of depressing news, but i want to give props to governor jerry brown of the state of california. california has become the first state in the nation to ban gay cure therapy for children. i think that gay reparative therapy is hilarious. i have some friends who tried to teach lots of guys to not be straight, and it didn't work. i can assume it's only the way for our gay children. governor brown signed the bill prohibiting children from under the age of 18 from undergoing sexual orientation change efforts. this to me is like getting rid of leeches to treat cancer. the law goes into effect january 1 and prohibits state-licensed therapists from engaging in these practices with minors. if you have a child who's gay in california and you want to ungay them and change who they really are, you can't do it with medical professionals. you have to rely on religious crack pots and that's and it is great, great advance in society. michele bachmann's extraordinarily extremely hetero sexual husband marcus has run a gay reparative clinic for a while. i can only hope this senate bill is going to be a positive f
last night's debate between scott walker and elizabeth -- scott brown and elizabeth warren. it is a little early. and the winner has already pronounced to be david gregory. mitt romney's trash collector is talking. paul ryan has a hard time doing his math homework and best of all, a man with a doubly phallic name has endorsed governor romney. first, here's lisa. >> good morning everyone. it's not about whether you win or lose. it's how you play the game unless you're running for president then it is about winning but not according to mitt romney. in his version of reality where the polls are made up and the results don't matter he says the debates are about something bigger than winning. they're a chance for each candidate to present their funeral path to -- their future path to america. the president has said something very similar. his campaign said do not expect any big attacks because mr. obama just wants to continue his conversation with the american people. but romney is still prepping some zingers
, you got sherrod brown there in ohio. very important to get sherrod brown back. he's one of our best united states senators, i believe. 5 points is not a big spread, right? in politics. >> no, it's not. people in ohio, they tend to -- you never know which way the wind's going to blow. but it is looking -- so far it's looking good. democrats can't give up the fight. >> bill: i keep coming back to what nancy pelosi told us friday, 10 points, if obama wins by 10 points, he get back the house. rack it up. roll it up, roll it up. i'm not a sports fan but i know in tennessee sometimes people say you've already won the game. just relax and let the other team score a little bit. uh-huh! no. the other philosophy is bury them! that's what i want to do. bury mitt romney. joey is out in chicago. how you doing? >> caller: good. i've been on a sabbatical, bill. >> bill: we missed you. >> caller: thank you. let's not get too concerned about you. i understand your worries but i think we have the older white people on
. >> bill: two other senate races of interest. sherrod brown in ohio has a lead of 50% to 40% over his -- >> josh mandle. >> bill: and in florida bill nelson has a lead of 53% to 39% over connie mack. those were two seats that republicans were hoping to pick up. >> republicans thought they might have a chance. they always knew it would be a long shot in florida. they believed if romney could win by three or four in florida that might have a lifting effect on connie mack -- third fourth -- >> bill: i think he's the third. >> but it's not going to happen. i've not talked to a republican in two weeks who believe's there's anything that will come out of florida that's positive for them in the senate race. they're now beginning to reluctantly resign themselves to the fact that sherrod brown won't be defeated in ohio. >> bill: so it looks like democrats hold on to the senate. >> the prospects of that are better than they have been in the last two years. i think the senate is going to be 51-49 either way. if i had to bet righ
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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